Here are some articles and letters to the editor that I have written:

With "Friends of the Hillsides" Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

Fear and demagoguery in Los Gatos

By Peggy Dallas 08/29/08 9:26 am

Proposed Estate Will Be An Asset to Los Gatos

DeSantis project meets the intent of town standards

By Peggy Dallas 06/16/08 5:43 pm

Council is Trying to Sell Los Gatos Sports Facility Land

Tell the council what you think 6/2, 7pm

By Peggy Dallas 05/31/08 3:24 pm

What Will a Skatepark Really Cost?

Actual town expenses; other city's skatepark costs

By Peggy Dallas, Alastair Dallas, and Chris Wiley 02/04/08 6:42 am [1,653]

Community members should sign their names

Aliases encourage irresponsible talk

By Peggy Dallas 01/30/08 8:35 pm

Small-town character? It's the people

Public Works Works

Open House highlights people, equipment

By Peggy Dallas 05/23/07 9:44 pm [918]