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League of Women Voters Candidates Forum
Thursday, Sept. 25
Video is available online at the Town of Los Gatos Website and will be broadcast on KCAT in mid-October.

Video: Peggy Interviewed for Comcast Newsmakers

Thanks for visiting my campaign website.

I am a mom, a licensed architect, and a civic leader.

I am running for town council because it is important that all voices are heard--including the youth, busy parents, senior citizens, newcomers and people outside of the downtown. I will push for common sense in the planning process. Los Gatos is a wonderful town and a great place to live, but it needs thoughtful leadership and an inclusionary government to stay that way.

I first became involved with the town 10 years ago when I volunteered to completely rewrite the General Plan with about 50 fellow residents carefully chosen to represent the different neighborhoods, ages, and occupations of people in town. I spent two years listening to the hopes and dreams of the group which were then documented by staff to become the Year 2000 General Plan. Through this process I not only became very familiar with the General Plan, but I also understand the hopes and dreams that it is intended to represent.

In subsequent years, I served on the Architectural and Hillsides Standards Committee where we spent four years writing the current Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines document. During the writing of the Hillside Standards, I fought for protection of our beautifully wooded hillsides by allowing only appropriately scaled development and guidleines for protecting our hillsides from a devastating wildfire.

My husband, Alastair, and I moved to Los Gatos to raise our three children because of its fine public schools. We realize from 18 years of volunteering in the schools the value that the schools add to the community. Alastair is also the editor of the Los Gatos Observer, which provides 24/7 news online.

I have made the necessary tradeoffs, balancing my architectural practice with my commitment to my family and public service. As a licensed architect, I have practical training and experience in problem solving.

I have the knowledge and experience and integrity to be a responsible Town Council member and Iím just crazy enough to do it. Please support me, Peggy Dallas, with your endorsement, your donation, and your vote!